Martinkovic Milford Architects strongly believes our spaces shape our lives. Our mission is to deliver thoughtful, compelling and innovative design that makes experiences at home, work or play richer, more exciting and more meaningful. We are looking for people who share this belief and who possess the work ethic and talent to put this belief into practice.

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Our Guiding Values

  • Relationships are everything. We go out of our way to support one another within the firm, and know we can accomplish more as a team than as individuals. We seek to provide our clients with the very best service imaginable. Not only is the project important to us, our ongoing relationship with the client is important to us.
  • Design solves problems. We take great care to understand what the client really needs, and use the power of design to accomplish those goals thoughtfully and meaningfully. We always seek out ways the design could get better.
  • Blue collar/white collar. While we provide the very best white collar professional services, we have a blue collar approach to the work. We aren’t afraid of hard work or difficult challenges, and if something needs to get done any of us will do it. The approach to the work goes hand-in-hand with the quality of the work.
  • We are a meritocracy. We look for talented people who share our vision and values, and provide ample opportunities for individual challenges and growth while working in service of the client and firm.
  • We are constantly advancing the firm. We consistently improve our internal processes and recently re-branded and launched our new website, and opened a satellite office in New York City.
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Careers at Martinkovic Milford Architects
Martinkovic Milford Architects is looking for talented professionals to deliver thoughtful, compelling and innovative design.
Martinkovic Milford Architects

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