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Noe Valley Residence

An underleveraged property is redesigned to capitalize on its untapped potential, resulting in a light filled home with premium living spaces, indoors and out.

First ImpressionsA dark and aging home on a dramatically sloping site with opportunities for striking views.
ObjectivesCreate a premium residence that leverages the lot's potential, appeals to sophisticated high-end buyers, and maximizes ROI.
ResultA light filled, modern home that takes advantage of the site’s topography to create stunning outdoor living areas.
  • Noe Valley, San Francisco
  • Residential
  • Single Family, Developer Collaboration
  • 4,000 s.f.


A Modern Reinvention

We expanded the home with a new fourth floor and the outdated, drab exterior is stripped away to allow for a new high-end, modern look.

Modern details extend into the yard creating a consistent look.

Curb appeal is greatly improved with a striking and bold new façade.

Outdoor living

The rear yard is excavated and terraced to create multiple outdoor living areas which feel like a natural extension of the home.

Sliding walls remove barriers between indoors and out.

Awash in light

We used spacious skylights and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows to flood the home in natural light.

A feature skylight and floating stair let daylight brighten the home.

Compelling views

A terraced yard and interconnected roof decks create opportunities to take in the stunning views from every part of the site.

Viewing decks are a seamless extension of the indoor living areas.


Thoughtfully designed to take full advantage of the property’s underleveraged assets and maximize the return on investment, this once drab and inward focused home is transformed into a premium, light filled, contemporary residence with striking views throughout.


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