A former clothing factory in San Francisco’s SoMa district is converted into an edgy yet approachable industrial-inspired space incorporating a wine tasting room, bottling facility and events area.

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Commercial
  • New Concept Wine Bar
  • 6,300 s.f.


We embraced the site’s industrial origins to craft an urban winery identity that is unrelentingly simple but with intention. The wooden beams of the vaulted ceiling were stripped back and exposed, the closed skylights opened, and the raw concrete walls uncovered for an edgy, considered result.

Raw simplicity

Simple and utilitarian, exposed concrete and reclaimed wood offer edgy, industrial-style appeal suited to the site’s SoMa locale.

Charred wood, glass and metal are reused for an unpretentious result.

Crafted from stacked pallets, the tables can be reshaped and moved.

We suggested flexibility and malleability through the use of an open, free-flowing interior layout and decor.

Flexible and welcoming

Simple materials were reworked with consideration for an aesthetic that feels casual and approachable without being vernacular.

An understated and pared-back decor provides a pop-up, warehouse vibe.

We took materials related to the wine-making process and upcycled them. The bar’s stainless steel façade mirrors the metal used in the bottling tanks. Traditional wooden cooper’s barrels have been blow-torched for a charred result. Tasting tables and booth-style seating have been fashioned from wooden pallets.

Reclaimed and reinvented

Charred wood and stainless steel take inspiration from traditional cooper’s barrels and the tanks found in the adjoining bottling room.

Design accents suggest a pragmatic, down-to-earth business identity.

We used intimate moments and details to balance the voluminous nature of the site. Uplighting softens the space to create ambiance, playing off ceiling beams at night, while the bottle-adorned feature wall captures the changing daylight.

A certain intimacy

A feature wall tiled with green wine bottles softens the space, while thematically connecting it to the bottling and production room.

Shifting daylight is captured, softening the industrial elements.


Stripped back to its warehouse shell and redesigned throughout with considered simplicity, Tank 18 is an expansive but welcoming multi-use space that transplants the traditional winery into the urban context. Configurable and custom, the furnishings are designed to create a sense of low-key flexibility, while up-styled decor fashioned from materials used in viticulture reiterates the brand’s approachable nature.


300 Montgomery

TYPE: Workplace
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

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